At the dental office of cosmetic dentist, we provide a full range of dental services for adult patients, including dental implants and teeth whitening. A complete exam will be done under magnification to tell us the condition of your teeth, gums, and underlying bone. A complete diagnosis will allow you to see and understand your dental condition and participate with us in developing a lifetime strategy for good dental health.

We offer the following general dentistry procedures and services to enhance the health of your smile and to reinforce and strengthen weakened teeth:



The Diagnodent Laser is used as a detecting device. This advanced laser can detect decay earlier then the more conventional methods. In fact, it can find 50% of the decay that goes undetected by present diagnostic methods. It is valuable in the prevention of dental problems, and the promotion of good oral health.


Cerec makes it possible to replace old unsightly silver fillings with beautiful tooth colored restorations, blended perfectly to match your natural teeth. With Cerec technology, we can create the most lifelike crowns, fillings and veneers.